YNOT ID was made just for adult industry professionals.

What does YNOT ID do and why should you sign up for your free account? At it’s base, YNOT ID provides adult industry professionals with a single sign-on (SSO) solution for all of YNOT’s participating websites. No more remembering different usernames and passwords for different YNOT sites, you can use your YNOT ID account to login at a number of different sites like YNOT.com and YNOT Europe. You also will need a YNOT ID account to be eligible to vote in the annual YNOT Awards, which recognizes the best companies, products, services and individuals in the professional adult Internet space. Finally, although our reputation features are not yet active, with YNOT ID you will eventually have the option to start building up your reputation as a serious player in the adult industry. As the service grows, YNOT ID will provide you with various opportunities to help prospective business partners or clients have confidence that you and your business are not shady, fly-by-night operations. Sign up for your free YNOT ID account now, and whatever profile name you secure will be yours and only yours to use on all participating YNOT ID websites.